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What you get if you rank #1 in Google search results:

  • Increased credibility and brand trust
  • Maximum conversion rates
  • Increased organic traffic
  • User acquisition costs become more effective
  • Skyrocketing click-through rates
  • Long-term business
  • Become a trusted industry leader

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What do we evaluate during the SEO checkup?

  • Personalized SEO analysis tailored to website's needs
  • Website health analysis
  • Robot.txt check on the website
  • Search Engine Result Page (SERP) simulator

Why You Should Participate in
1:1 SEO Consultation?

  • Understanding the condition of your website's traffic
  • Uncovering the reasons why consumers choose competitors over you
  • Identifying why consumers don't stay on your website
  • Identifying the causes of low website conversions
  • Finding ways to enhance the visibility of products/services

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SEO Services for Enterprise are specifically designed for large businesses striving to build or maximize their digital ecosystem, particularly in search engines. Our SEO activities involve a deep approach, where we pay close attention to details and data-based analysis. We focus on products/services, business, competitors, and technical aspects. Every recommendation and best SEO practice at cmlabs is made based on SEO guidelines and your business standards.

All sectors and industries are compatible with this package offering, including our clients such as Siloam Hospitals, AQUA, OCBC, Sahabat Pegadaian, and others. We have successfully overcome technical challenges in every industry with personalized SEO solutions tailored to our clients' needs.

Yes, sure. Every KPIs and OKRs will be arranged by both parties (cmlabs and clients). Shortly, the KPIs and OKRs will be sorted by default: organic traffic, impressions, clicks, and average ranking position. We can adjust and calculate the exact number to measure and assess our collaboration success. The KPIs and OKRs will appear in the Quotation Letter we release for you.